Obviously you can get to grips with your pizza with a knife and fork.

However, in Italy, the pizza's country of origin, this method is scorned.
The majority of all Italian pizza lovers prefer
to cut the pizza into six pieces and eat them "using their hands".

That makes even more sense if you bake various pizzas for several eaters
where everyone would like to try a variety.

Now the problem is : how do you divide a pizza without turning the plate into a "battlefield" ?

You have certainly experienced
how unpleasant it can be cutting
a delicious pizza with a knife on a platter !

A helpful tool much better than a knife,
is the well known pizza cutter / pizza roller
with a cutting wheel like the one we are
offering on the order page of this shop.

However this pizza cutter / pizza roller
does not always ensure completely satisfactory results.

Sometimes toppings, especially salami or ham, slide off making the slices of pizza unsightly.


The solution is :


Why ?

The PIZZA SCISSORS make a clean cut !

Even Teflon-coated baking trays would not get scratched.

The handling is very easy ....
- even for left-handed persons - !

The topping is neatly divided and does not slide off !



A super invention !



Correct use of the PIZZA SCISSORS

It is very easy, all depends on your "thumb" !
The picture shows without comment how the pizza scissors are led by the thumb
and how they easily slice the delicious pizza with just a little pressure.
In case you have to cut a very crispy or thick pizza,
help with your other hand giving a little pressure to the scissors.
Try them out immediately ! - It is foolproof !

Advice : Practise first on a slice of bread !




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