When you open our PIZZA STONE package, you may notice a little dust
covering of the product caused by production, storing or packaging reasons.
Before using it, you should wipe down the PIZZA STONE
with a damp ( not wet ) cloth ( without detergent ). Let it dry well before use.

In regular use, always clean the PIZZA STONE,
after it has completely cooled down, with a dry cloth or with a ( slightly ) damp kitchen sponge.
If you put the heated PIZZA STONE into cold water this can result a lot of stress on the material.
The PIZZA STONE could crack.

If you have something baked-on the stone, it is recommended to scrape the entire residue
off the stone with a spatula like the one used for ceramic hobs.
We recommend using stainless steel scouring pads for stubborn dirt.

Only use a dry tea-towel or ( slightly ) damp kitchen sponge when cleaning the PIZZA PEEL.
If you wet the PIZZA PEEL too much, or even submerge it in water,
the untreated plywood could soak in too much dampness and swell up.
The PIZZA PEEL could warp, making it unusable.

If your oven has an automatic self-cleaning, you can place your PIZZA STONE
on a grate or a clean baking tray at height 2 and allow it to be cleaned at the same time.
Please note - before removing the PIZZA STONE - that the oven must cool down completely.
Do not wipe the ash out of the oven until you have removed the PIZZA STONE.

A further possibility to clean a heavy soiled PIZZA STONE is with the use
of a pressure blaster (Kärcher or similar), this of course is if such equipment is available.
Lay the PIZZA STONE on a stable surface, and fasten it to stop it
sliding away and becoming damaged when being washed by the jet of water.
The high-pressure jet of water will "peel" off burned on remainders
from the surface of the PIZZA STONE, and clean right down into the pores.
Before putting back to use, make sure the PIZZA STONE has dried out thoroughly.
Only use a pressure blaster that uses fresh drinking water !
Pressure blasters used at petrol stations and car garages, very often use
reprocessed water in a closed circuit. This water very often has an unpleasant odour.
This unpleasant odour / taste will affect your PIZZA STONE, thus affecting your pizza.

Every now and again you should scrub the PIZZA STONE and the PIZZA PEEL with fine sandpaper.

The PIZZA STONE and the wooden PIZZA PEEL are definitely not dishwasher-safe.

Notice :
Through regular use
will become stained and "unsightly".

- Look at the picture ! -

That is a completely natural phenomenon due to the porous material
and for this reason does not represent a problem.
Please, resist the temptation to "renew" the appearance through excessive cleaning.

You should consider that,
due to the high temperature that the PIZZA STONE is subjected to,
there cannot be any hygienic problem.

Each time the PIZZA STONE is heated up to baking temperature, it becomes "automatically" sterile.




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