Never place the PIZZA STONE directly on the oven floor.
This would cause heat to build up and the oven would be damaged.

Do not place the PIZZA STONE on the oven door or a glass surface.
It may cause scratches.

Do not touch the heated PIZZA STONE with your bare hands. This can lead to severe burns.
First let the PIZZA STONE completely cool down
before taking it out of the oven after the end of the baking.

Also, the cleaning of the PIZZA STONE
should be done after its complete cooling to avoid any danger.
If you put the heated PIZZA STONE into cold water this can result a lot of stress on the material.
The PIZZA STONE could crack.

When you place the PIZZA STONE into the oven and remove it from the oven  and,
during its transport it can fall down and cause injuries because of its weight.

Please be careful while handling the PIZZA STONE.
The PIZZA STONE is heavy. Hold it firmly with both hands.

Insert your pizza with caution into the preheated oven
( onto the PIZZA STONE ).

Inattention can lead to personal injury !

Please pay attention, that you do not inadvertently touch the hot parts of the oven
with your hands or forearms !

It is advisable to wear a pair of long-cuff gauntlets ( grill gauntlets ) for this occasion.

Use an appropriate tool ( for example a PIZZA PEEL ) for the "Inovening"
( that's how the professionals call the full-of-drive sliding of the unbaked pizza into the oven ).

Do not wash the PIZZA STONE and the PIZZA PEEL in the dishwasher.
Only use traditional means ( for example sponge / cloths / spatula ).

You should refrain from the use of soaps or detergents,
because they could be absorbed by 
the porous surface of your PIZZA STONE.
This could have a negative influence to the taste of your pizza.

For this reason we advise again to stay with the cleaning methods we recommend.




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