Yes - will that work ??


One of our customers,
Dr. M. Hüttemann
sent us the following report about his experience, together with some photos :

"Hello Mr. Eisele,

I think that I now know how it works, and am able to bake good and crispy pizzas now.
Getting used to handling the large pizzas was not all that easy, which meant that I had to learn the hard way.

Included as promised, a few photos of a family size pizza ( 50 cm diameter ),
on "your" PIZZA STONE "BBQ 500" ( Special cut )
crispy baked on the charcoal grill ( standard size 50 cm ).



This is how we did the job :





Photo 1 :

We lit the charcoal briquettes
in a charcoal starter.......












Photo 2 :

.......and spread them out
evenly on the charcoal grill.








Photo 3 :

The PIZZA STONE is placed directly on
top of the glowing charcoal
and heated up to a temperature of 230° - 250° C.

The temperature was measured
with the use of an infra-red thermometer.
( available in electro stores )

If the temperature is much higher,
there is the danger of the pizza base becoming
burned and black making it inedible.






Photo 4 :

The round formed pizza dough is pre-baked
without topping for approx. 5 minutes,
this makes it easier to handle.

The pre-baked dough is firmer and not sticky,
meaning that no extra flour has to be used.

The pizza base is topped
and pulled onto the hot PIZZA STONE
with the use of a board or similar.




The lid is put on ( in this case the pizza plate ) and baked until the cheese produces small bubbles.


Photo 5 :

The crispy family size pizza is now ready to eat !

It is enough for a family with three children - 6 / 10 / 13 years of age -

We from The house of the PIZZA STONE are the opinion that
it looks very good indeed !


Baking a pizza as presented above is also possible on a gas-fired grill.

For baking on a charcoal grill or gas grill we recommend the
PIZZA STONE of 30 mm thickness, since for this application the larger
thermal storage capacity inherent to the 40 mm BREAD BAKING STONE is not required.




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