The PIZZA PEEL is the perfect tool
that enables you to slide your unbaked pizza together with its topping
onto the PIZZA STONE and ease it off after baking.

But those who do not have very much baking experience,
will rapidly notice that it is not so easy to lift a topped pizza with the PIZZA PEEL.

Our experience showed, that it is extremely useful
to first put the pizza dough onto the lightly floured PIZZA PEEL
and then complete the pizza by putting the toppings on.

--  This way you will prevent the topping from sliding off when lifting the pizza ! --

But, if you want to bake more than one pizza,
it makes sense to prepare the second pizza while the first one is in the oven.
Now however, you are in need of a PIZZA PEEL to remove the baked pizza from the oven.

In this case a second PIZZA PEEL is the solution !

In our family of four, we have always two or three PIZZA PEELS ready for use
and we have had absolutely no trouble with this system so far.
Obviously, it even makes sense for a two-person household !

For this reason we advise you to buy two PIZZA PEELS !

You may order a
second PIZZA PEEL immediately for only EUR 9.00 /
± £ 7.50 !




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